Summer Concert Series - Elinor Frey & Mark Edwards - August 21

Join us Tuesday, August 21, at 7:00 pm, in Hampstead Park for the next outdoor summer concert! Our second live concert event features Baroque music from Elinor Frey and Mark Edwards.  

Piano forte & clavecin

“A Cello in Italy”

Cellist Elinor Frey and harpsichordist Mark Edwards share gorgeous Baroque cello music from Italy, the country where the first cello music appeared. They will perform various sonatas, from the famous Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi to the little-known music for the early cello by Giuseppe Maria Dall'Abaco (1710-1805) and Antonio Vandini (1690-1778), both cellists famous in their time, but now nearly forgotten. Mark will also play a solo harpsichord work by Carlo Monza, a composer born in Milan in the second part of the seventeenth century whose music reveals a clear commingling between the Italian and French styles. The duo will also perform Montréal composer Maxime McKinley’s “Cortile di Pilato,” inspired by the Basilica of Santo Stefano in Bologna, a complex of four churches built on a foundation begun in the fifth century. An inner courtyard called “Cortile di Pilato” situated between the four buildings allows for the contemplation of a magnificent wall full of captivating mosaics.

Coming soon to Hampstead Park:

  • Montreal Jazz Band: August 26
  • Don’t forget to bring a lawnchair!

For further information, please contact the community centre at 514 369-8200, ext. 8260.