By-laws and Regulations

The Town Clerk oversees the legal procedure required for by-laws, such as the issuing of public notices, which are published in one of two local newspapers: Free Press or The Suburban.

Copies of by-laws may be obtained from the Town Clerk’s Department at a cost according to the Regulation respecting fees for the transcription, reproduction or transmission of documents or personal information.

By-law Title
694 (Consolidation) By-law 694 and its amendments 694-1, 694-2, 694-3, 694-4, 694-5, 694-6, 694-7 and 694-8
- By-law Concerning Traffic
705-6 (Consolidation) By-law 705-6 and its amendments 705-7 and 705-8 
- Collection, Removal and Disposal of Refuse
710 (Consolidation) By-law 710 and its amendment 710-1
- Governing Film Permits
740 (Consolidation) By-law 740 and its amendments 740-1, 740-2, 740-3, 740-4, 740-5 and 740-6
- Internal Government of the Council Meetings
743-4 By-law to amend By-law 743
- Respecting the Planning Advisory Committee
744-3 By-law modifying By-law 744-2
- Establishing the Remuneration of the Town Council Members
759 Demolition of Buildings
759-1 Amending By-law 759
- Concerning the Demolition of Buildings
761-3 Modifying By-law 761
- Concerning Dogs
762 Sanitation and Maintenance of Dwelling Units
775 Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP)
775-1 Amending By-law 775
- Concerning Site Planning and Architectural Integration Program (SPAIP)
795-2 Consolidation of By-law 795-2 and its amendments 795-3, 795-4, 795-5 and 795-6
- Concerning Nuisance
799 Code of Ethics and Conduct for Municipal Employees of the Town of Hampstead

(Consolidation) By-law 807 and its amendment 807-1
Code of Ethics and Conduct for Members of Council of the Town of Hampstead

813 By-law Concerning Snow Removal
814 By-law about Landscaping, Gardening & Earthmoving by a Private Contractor
818 Decreeing and Imposing the Tax Rates to Cover the Town's Expenses for the Year 2016
1000 Planning Program (2016 - 2030)
1001-2 Zoning By-law, Annex A, Annex B (English text will follow)
1002-1 Subdivision By-law 1002-1
1010 By-law Concerning TariffsAnnex D and Annex E

Please note: If any discrepancies arise between the by-laws provided through this website and those kept on file at the Town Clerk's Office, the latter shall prevail for all purposes of the law.