COVID-19: Affected Town Services

March 26th, 2020

Tax related

How can I pay my taxes if Town Hall is closed? Online banking is recommended, or by cheque.
Will there be a delay for property tax 2nd instalment?  New due date, June 12th, 2020
What happens to post dated checks, with the change of due date? All PDC’s (dated May 12th, 2020) for the next instalment will not be cashed before the new June 12th due date.
Will postdated cheques other than those dated May 12th, 2020 be cashed on the said date, or if we will wait for June 12, 2020 to cash them?  No change for postdated cheques other than the second instalment. Any request to be held back should be addressed to Town Treasurer,
How do I get the balance on my account? Please send your inquiry to   or call 514-369-8200 x 6441.
How to change or stop a cheque? Please send your inquiry to   or call 514-369-8200 x 6441.

Public Works related

Is the Town still picking up big items? The garbage collection company is mandated to pick up large items such as furniture but not hazardous materials. Excess household garbage must be in the special yellow garbage bags.
Is the Town still doing replacements of damaged bins?  Yes, the Town will replace damaged bins. Please send requests to
Is the Town still selling yellow garbage bags?  Requests can be done via my.hampstead or via,  there is a  minimum order of  two packets each time. Deliveries Tuesday and Thursdays only.

Public Security related

Will there be, or is there leniency on day parking, no matter street signs? 

1) Overnight parking tolerance is granted until further notice.
2) IMPORTANT note that the following violations will be ticketed:
  - cars blocking fire hydrants
  - cars blocking driveways
  - cars parking in the reverse direction of traffic
  - all daytime parking restriction violations
3) Reminder to all residents to ALWAYS LOCK your car doors and CLOSE your garage doors.
Have tariffs changed?  No, tariffs remain the same.

Urban Planning related

Will the Town continue to issue permits?  Yes, the Town will continue to issue (certain) permits.  Permit requests must be submitted via email to Payment of the permit can be done by credit card by calling 514-369-8200 ext. 6438. Approved and paid permits will be forwarded via e-mail.  Required signatures will be collected at a later date.