Gatherings of up to ten persons are allowed

As of Friday 22 May, Gatherings of up to ten persons are allowed.

The following conditions apply:

1) Maximum ten (10) persons for each gathering;
2) the Ten persons may come from a maximum of three (3) different households;
3) Such gatherings must be out-door; in parks or backyards;
4) Keeping a physical distance of two meters between each other is a measure still in force. 

Tennis courts at Hampstead Park are open. Advance reservation needed. Please do not visit the facilities without calling first. 514 369-8200 ext 8260
Playgrounds in Hampstead remain closed with a temporary fence until further notice.

Park benches in Hampstead Park are wiped down with disinfectant three times a day, seven days a week.

Indoor gatherings such as large family dinners are not yet permitted.



Friday 22 May, 2020