Hampstead receives award from the Canadian Forces Liaison Council

The Town of Hampstead is pleased to announce that it received an Award of Excellence from the Canadian Forces Liaison Council for Best Practices in Employer Support: Small Organization; in recognition and appreciation of its support to Reservists of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Mayor William Steinberg accepted the award on Saturday, March 21, 2015, at the Pointe-à-Carcy Naval Base Complex in Quebec City.

Pino Talarico, Chief of Operations, Hampstead Public Works, who also serves as a part-time Reservist with the Canadian Armed Forces and is a Major in the Royal Montreal Regiment, nominated the Town of Hampstead for the Employer Support Award. He stated, “This award recognizes the important support given by the town to the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve and is a win-win situation for both.”

“Aside from the warm and mutually supportive relationship that we have with the Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR), Hampstead has been lucky to have had the opportunity to hire a number of reservists. These employees have proven to be hard working, honest, ethical and very dedicated to serving the town just as they are when serving our country,” said Mayor Steinberg.

The Town was one of 11 award recipients, out of 89 Quebec-based organizations, that were recognized for their outstanding support of Canadian Armed Forces Reserve.

Photo (left to right): LCol St-Denis, Mayor Bill Steinberg, Major Pino Talarico, and Mr Jean Fournier, President of the Canadian Forces Liaison Council, Québec.