New Overnight Parking Rules

Our staff and council have spent considerable time devising new overnight parking rules. These will come into effect January 8 which is the date that several new my.Hampstead features will be activated. I urge you to register for my.Hampstead (click on the red button on the left side) so you can take advantage of all the old and new features. However, don’t worry. If you don’t use the web or prefer to call or come in you will still be able to.

More FREE overnight parking (no need to call or do anything)

  • Every Friday evening till Saturday morning.
  • The usual holiday periods (High Holidays/Sukkoth, Christmas and New Year’s, Passover, etc.)
  • 12 additional nights annually per license plate – do online or call Public Security dispatch (514) 369-8250.

If you use up the free nights, you can park overnight for $3, available online or by purchasing at Town Hall.

Weekly and Monthly Permits

Weekly permits are $20 and monthly ones $50. They can be purchased online or by visiting Town Hall. They are NOT available by phone.

Annual permits

These are ONLY available to residents who do not have enough space in their driveway and garage combined and proof must be provided. There is a maximum of two permits per household. Prices depend on whether your home is in a high density area ($150 first vehicle, $255 second) or not ($250 first vehicle, $400 second). They can be purchased online and we will follow up to get the necessary proof. They can also be purchased at Town Hall. If you do not meet the criteria, you can get monthly permits.

Other new features coming Jan. 8

  • You can now order dog licenses or renew them online.
  • You can order garbage/recycling/compost bins online, as well as, packs of 10 yellow Hampstead garbage bags for excess garbage.
  • You can consult our tree inventory and see details about the trees at your address.

Still more to come

We are working on additional features and I invite you to let me know if there are features that you would like added (


Dr. Bill Steinberg
Mayor, Town of Hampstead