Programs offering phone calls to isolated residents

The Town is currently running two Calling Outreach programs:
The 1st program, is for those who are 70+ and who have requested daily or weekly calls.
The 2nd program, is for residents 18-69, they are called weekly if they wish.

The calls are done by accredited Town employees and inquire upon residents’ well-being and their needs in order to put them in contact with the appropriate organizations which may provide assistance. To be on the list, call the Town at 514-369-8200 or send request on

Additionally, the urban agglomeration of Montréal and the regional public health department will be placing automated calls to seniors aged 70 and over. Residents who receive robocalls are invited to listen to the entire recording to find out about the various available resources and the directions to follow. The automated calls will start on May 8th for the Hampstead area.


Published Monday May 4, 2020
Updated Thursday May 7, 2020