Water Meter Readings Reading by e-mail and telephone

As we are nearing the period of the year where the Town is looking to obtain the water meter readings, we wish to inform you that given the special circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 distancing measures, we have modified our approach to ensure that safety measures will be observed while minimizing physical contact. As such, please take note of the following upcoming procedures which are being adapted for your convenience:

Starting August 10th and ending August 31st, you will asked to provide our mandated contractor Les Compteurs d’eau du Québec with your water meter reading. They will be looking for your address, name, phone number, meter serial number (if available), the date and reading. For this, the preferred option would be to forward the necessary information by e-mail:  lecture@cdedq.com while including a picture of the meter’s reading.

Alternatively, you may also contact them by phone: 450-376-6677 where voicemail will be available should the volume of calls prove to be high.

As of September 7th and ending September 30th, for those residents who were unfortunately unable to provide the meter reading, the contractor will be visiting these properties while wearing face masks or shields and disinfecting their hands or gloves before and after each visit. For unsuccessful visits, a calling card will be left requesting that the necessary information be provided as per above. Return visits, if specifically requested, will be restricted to appointment only and on days which will be made available at a later date.

We thank you for your cooperation and wish you a safe and healthy meter reading process.


Town Hall Contacts

Finance Officer taxation@hampstead.qc.ca

Treasurer (514) 369- 8200 ext 8209