Dear fellow citizens,


Chag Sameach and Good Health to you and your families. We have lived an intense few days with the major power outage in Québec, which hit Hampstead hard during Pesach.


I have received continual updates from the Town’s administration and situation reports from Hydro-Québec (HQ). Based on these updates, I have guided the opening of our Irving L. Adessky community centre as a warming centre and a place for food, beverages and social gatherings. The Town also joined ADATH in inviting over 850 blacked-out Hampstead families for the second Seder. We scoured the kosher sections at the grocery stores, last minute no less, to be ready to accommodate residents.


Today’s report indicated the last outage was due to equipment failure at the Hampstead substation and we are grateful to all Hampstead residents who lowered their consumption in order to help. We are very proud of the sense of community displayed throughout the Town.


My heart goes out to all the families that were deprived of power and those who are still without. We know it is particularly difficult on those with out-of-town visitors. That said, family supports and sustains us all in time of trouble. I consider Hampstead as my extended family and no resources are spared to bring support and solace to everyone in this time of need.


We reactivated the call-out list and contacted hundreds of Hampstead residents to let them know that they are not alone, and help is available. The public works and public security teams have forgone their public holiday and worked long hours to clear branches and to patrol Hampstead. We maintained vigilance at the synagogues to guard against opportunistic events.


With a sunny turn in weather and a stabilizing electric network, I hope the storm will soon be a thing of the past.


During this time and in the future, the Town stands by providing quality service and assistance to all residents.


Thank you,


Mayor Jeremy Levi