The Town of Hampstead mailed an account statement on March 15th. This statement represents the status of your tax arrears. The details include the type of tax, the date it was due, the amount paid (if any), and the total due (if any). The two types of taxes in Hampstead are the water tax and the property tax—the latter is paid in two instalments.

The water tax was due on January 14, 2023. If we received your payment for the water tax after January 14, 2023, you would see the accrued interest on your statement.

The first instalment of the property tax, which is half of the total amount, was due on February 20, 2023. You would see the accrued interest on your statement if we received your payment for the first instalment after February 20, 2023.

The second instalment for the property tax is due May 23, 2023, and payments completed in advance will not show on this statement. It will, however, be visible on future statements once the due date has passed.

If you have submitted a postdated cheque dated after March 15th, or if you have planned a deposit, please note these are not reflected on this statement.

If you have any questions, please email our Finance Department at or call Town Hall at 514 369-8200.

Below is an example of the statement you will receive.