Contractor’s permits

Contractor’s permits

Contractor’s permits are required to conform to municipal by-laws.

All companies operating private gardening, landscaping, or snow removal businesses in Hampstead are obligated by law to have a Contractor’s Permit.

Anyone caught without a valid permit is liable to a fine of $50 to $300 for a first offence plus court cost.

*A repeat infraction is liable to a fine of $100 to $300 plus court cost.

Contractor’s Permits are obtained on my.Hampstead.

In reference to article 6 of by-law 795, it is prohibited to:

To dump snow in the streets and on the sidewalks or to make new piles of snow on the side of the streets already cleaned by the City;

To remove snow from a private driveway and place it in a pile beside this driveway. The snow should be distributed along the snowbanks to avoid creating large piles of snow.

When not carried, snow MUST be blown onto owner’s property or pushed along the side of the street near the sidewalk. Please use the side of the street that has not yet been cleared by the City to dump the snow.

NEVER block passage on sidewalks and all entry points to neighboring properties i.e. driveways, driveways and pathways, or bury fire hydrants or traffic signs municipal.

Persons who violate a provision of Nuisance By-law No. 795-2 and its amendments are liable to a fine. A first offense will result in a fine of $100 to $1,000, plus court costs.

Subsequent violations will result in fines of $250 to $2,000, plus court costs, as per section 12.1 of Nuisance By-law #795-2.

*Court fees are administrative fees imposed by the Municipal Court of the Agglomeration Council.

For more information, please contact City Hall at 514 369-8200.


Permit permission

$100.00 To register a business with the Town of Hamsptead

$100.00 For the first vehicle

$300.00 For each additional vehicle

$50.00/vehicle However, if the vehicle is equipped with a blower that is used to blow snow onto private properties, the snow removal contractor will pay $50 for each additional vehicle equipped with a blower.

$125.00 To register his business with the Town of Hampstead and to obtain one sticker for the first vehicle.

$25.00 For each additional vehicle.

Method of payment

VISA, Mastercard, Interac or cash

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