Hampstead has weekly water quality tests, and laboratory results consistently showed that the portable water is clean, without any contaminants or bacteria.

However, at 19h30 on Saturday, December 17th, the water-testing laboratory informed us that two different houses tested showed the presence of E Coli bacteria.

Santé Publique du Québec was informed. Their medical specialist wrote us that additional tests are needed before issuing a general Alert to the entire municipality.  The two properties in question were advised to boil water for consumption.

On Monday, December 19th, le Ministère de l’Environnement requested the Town of Hampstead to issue a Boil-Water Alert (BWA) without waiting for the additional test results.

The Advisory was immediately announced on the Town’s website, social media and by an alert triggered from the my.Hampstead portal. Global News, CJAD were advised. School, synagogues, churches etc., were notified to post the boil-water notices. Jugs of water were provided at the Public Works Department.

The Boil Water Alert (BWA) is still in effect.

In order to lift the BWA, we will need to do two (2) series of water quality tests on eight (8) different locations in different sectors of Hampstead.

The first series of tests has already been done and, the 8 results are expected today.

The second series of 8 tests was done yesterday and, the results are expected on Friday 23rd December.

Provincial regulations and protocol require that all sixteen (16) tests be negative, before the Boil Water Alert is allowed to be lifted.

Another status update will be issued once we have the results from the two series of tests.

Richard Sun, Director General, Town of Hampstead