Condition of Outdoor Facilities

The Town of Hampstead offers many parks, sports fields, recreation areas and other facilities for resdients to enjoy. Our sport Facility Conditions section below provides the status of our facilities so you may better plan your activities. 

Updated daily at 3 p.m and Sundays at 9 a.m. Programs cancelled due to the weather are only rescheduled if possible.

Sport Facilities

Summer Installation in Hampstead ParkStatusNotes
Tennis courts

June 11 to June 21

Hockey rink & pickleball courts closed for renovations

Pool and Aquatic Park
Soccer Field
Baseball Field Diamond 1
Baseball Field Diamond 2
Snag ZoneOpen
Hockey RinkClosed


Wager Soccer CSL Field
Parc Trudeau Diamond 
Baseball 1 CSL
Parc Trudeau Baseball
Diamond 2 CSL
Parc Trudeau
Baseball Diamond 3 CSL
Singerman CSL Park


The Hampstead Community Center is an important gathering place for residents in our community. It offers a variety of activities and programs, but more importantly, provides a place for Hampsteaders to connect, build relationships, and strengthen bonds. At 30 Lyncroft, you will find:


  • CSR Administration Offices 
  • Tennis Courts and Pro Shop
  • Swimming Pool and Splash Park
  • Fitness Area

Also available at this location: Parking, Baseketball, Baseball, Café, Chalet, Dog run, Green space/Field, Hockey Rink, Playground, Picnic Area, and Playground.

*Weather conditions may affect accessibility

Town of Hampstead offers eight other parks for you to visit and enjoy. Here is a list of our parks and their features:

*Weather conditions may affect accessibility

List of Parks 

  1. Parc Aldred: Green Space/Field, Playground, and Swings
  2. Parc Applewood: Green Space/Field, Picnic Area, Playground, Leisure Skating, Soccer Pitch, Swings, and Pathway (Walk/Jog)
  3. Parc Aumount: Picnic Area, Playground, and Swings
  4. Parc des Conseillers: Green Space, Playground, Swings, Splash Pad, Pathway (Walk/Jog), and Water Fountain
  5. Parc Dufferin: Green Space, Playground, and Swings
  6. Parc Ellerdale: Green Space, Playground, Leisure Skating, and Swings
  7. Parc Langhorne: Green Space, Playground, and Swings
  8. Parc Wexford: Green Space, Playground, Swings, and Pathway (Walk/Jog)

Walking Path Network

The pedestrian path network provides Hampsteaders with excellent opportunities to enjoy the beautiful greenery of Hampstead by foot, connecting popular green spaces like Councillors, Applewood and Hampstead Parks. While it makes extensive use of sidewalks across the town, it also includes a number of connecting walkways between streets including the John P. Humphrey path between rue Thurlow and Granville, and Centenial Lane between rue Lyncroft and Finchley, as well as walking paths in various parks.

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