The Cultural Heritage Act introduced changes in April 2021, mainly concerning built heritage. 

Click here to access an interactive map illustrating the comprehensive implications of Law 69.

Under the Cultural Heritage Act, the Regional County Municipalities (MRCs) must develop an inventory of buildings of historical interest on their territory, which must be completed by 2026. The purpose of the law and its amendments are to:

  • to improve service to citizens and owners of heritage properties;
  • to increase transparency, fairness and predictability of decisions for citizens;
  • to make the Ministry’s action more efficient for the attribution of status and the management of work authorizations;
  • to provide the MRCs with certain powers;
  • to introduce certain obligations for municipalities concerning cultural heritage;
  • to increase the social acceptability of projects and the participation of stakeholders.

The Town of Hampstead will participate in a pilot project coordinated by Ville de Montreal. This project is part of an inventory of more than 80,000 buildings built before 1940 and presents a historical interest for the entire territory of the island of Montreal.

The Bergeron Gagnon firm, which specializes in heritage, has been mandated to conduct this pilot project. Starting in July 2022, the firm will roam the streets of the borough of Saint-Laurent and the town of Hampstead to list and photograph these buildings. Although most photographs will be taken from the road, access to your property may be required in certain cases. Your cooperation is requested to allow the firm to access your property.

At no time the inventory requires employees to come inside buildings.

This pilot project is made possible by the financial support of the Governement of Quebec and Ville de Montréal through the Entente de développement culturel de Montréal.