Library Rebate

while Hampstead does not have a public library of its own, literacy and access to local librairies remains an important concern. That is why the Town implemented the Library Rebate Program in 2010 to help residents of Hampstead to take advantage of library services in neighbouring communities. This program offers a rebate on a annual library card fees at institutions accross the island of Montreal. This program allows you to select the library that accomodates your tastes and that is most convenient to you, offering you the flexibility that previous library arrangements did not offer.

Once you have purchased a library membership at an institution across the island of Montreal, you must submit a proof of residency and a proof of payment with your name on it via email to the Town’s Recreation and Community Services Department and complete the Online Library Credit Form.

*The Town will reimburse 50% of the cost of a public library membership, to a maximum of 100$ per household or alternatively 100% of the cost of the public library membership to a maximum of 50$ per household.

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