Home deliveries are at an all-time high due to their many advantages. However, packages left unattended can be at risk of being stolen. Thieves tend to target delivery trucks or residences where packages have just been delivered. The Town of Hampstead wishes to remind you of some prevention tips to ensure the security of your packages:

  • Make sure your surveillance camera is working properly if you have one, or evaluate the option of having one installed to deter perpetrators.
  • Ask a neighbour to pick up your package if you think you will be absent at the time of delivery, or ask your neighbour if you can have it delivered to their home if they will be at home.
  • Have your package deposited in a chest or bin equipped with a padlock, with instructions to the delivery person to lock it.
  • Have your purchases delivered to you at work, if possible.


To report a stolen package to our Public Security, please log in to your Citizen portal and use the ‘Request’ option: https://my.hampstead.qc.ca/lLogin

Don’t forget to fill out the online Police Report as well: https://spvm.qc.ca/en/Fiches/Details/Online-police-report