Major and minor works scheduled

Please note that the provided timelines are estimates and subject to change due to the nature of construction work, which can be influenced by factors like weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Last updated: December 6, 2023

A water service pipe connects a building to the municipal water supply. Property owners are responsible for the pipe from their home to the water shut-off valve (referred to as the private portion) and the Town owns and maintains the pipe from the water shut-off valve to the watermain (referred to as the public portion). In Quebec, lead gets into drinking water mainly as a result of dissolution of lead from pipes, especially the service line, between some houses and the municipal distribution system.

Hampstead is dedicated to testing the water in every dwelling to determine compliance with the new maximum acceptable level, aiming to ultimately remove public water service lines made of lead. A replacement would be completed if your first water sample was higher than the maximum acceptable concentration of 0.005 mg/L and if you have completed a sequential test.

Once residents have successfully completed all the necessary testing, they will be scheduled for excavation. The excavations carried out by the public works department are prioritized based on the lead concentration levels, with the highest results being addressed first. Currently, the public works team is able to complete two excavations per week. The excavation process will continue until the ground freezes. Excavation notices will be provided to residents with a minimum of 24-48 hours’ advance notice.

Impacts of the Work

  • Temporary water closure
  • Partial or complete road closures, as necessary
  • Public works crews may operate beyond regular hours (past midnight)
  • Noise and or lights from construction vehicles
  • Access to private parking entrances will be maintained

To know more about the lead in the drinking water, please navigate to our information please by using the link at the top right corner of this page.

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