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In addition to patrolling the Town’s territory, Hampstead’s Public Security department officers may perform free vacant house verification service to provide you with peace of mind while you’re away. Call Public Security before going away on vacation to notify them of your absence, and they will increase patrol at your address while you’re away. 

Request for a vacant house check on your my.Hampstead dashboard.

Some of the provisions of this by-law are listed below.

Noise Restriction Hours

It is forbidden to engage in construction work of any nature whatsoever that has the effect of emitting noise outdoors at the following times:

Before 7:00 am and after 7:00 pm, Monday to Friday inclusively;

Before 9:00 am and after 6:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays;

On holidays when most residents are not working. These days are listed in Annex 1-B of Bylaw 795, available by clicking here.

It is forbidden to use gas-powered landscaping equipment – such as leaf blowers with gas-powered motors (not including snow blowers and motor vehicles with mufflers) – at the following times:

Before 7:00 am and after 9:00 pm, Monday to Friday inclusively;

Before 9:00 am and after 6:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays;

On holidays when most residents are not working. These days are listed in Annex 1-B of Bylaw 795, available by clicking here.

No person shall operate, or cause to be operated, any power equipment at the following times:

From 9:00 pm of one day to 7:00 am of the next day.

Any noise produced by a heat pump, heating equipment, air conditioner, ventilation equipment, swimming pool filtration equipment, or similar apparatus which exceeds 55 db(A) at any point outside of the property line of the lot where such equipment or apparatus is installed.

Enforceable at all times

No person shall operate, or cause to be operated, any sound reproduction device in a manner which disturbs the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood at the following times:

From Monday to Friday between the hours of 11:00 pm of one day and 7:00 am of the next day

Before 9:00 am on weekends.

No person shall operate, or cause to be operated, any sound reproduction device on any street or other public place in a manner that disturbs the peace and quiet of persons on said street or public place.

Enforceable at all times

Except in the case where prior written permission has been given by the Town, shows or musical works, instrumental or vocal, inside or outside a building, including those coming from a sound reproduction device or live artist, it is forbidden to emit, or permit or allow the emission of noise higher than a decibel reading of 85 db (A), from a distance of 8 feet.

Enforceable at all times

No person shall deliver any construction materials or merchandise from a vehicle to the owner or tenant of any property at the following times:

From 9:00 pm of one day to 7:00 am of the next day.

No person shall load or unload a transport vehicle at the following times:

From 9:00 pm of one day to 7:00 am of the next day.

Regulations are enforced by Hampstead’s Public Security department. Violating these regulations can result in a fine. First offences incur fines of at least $150 (plus costs). Subsequent offences incur fines of at least $300 (plus costs).

Any legal entity that violates these regulations is liable to a fine of between $300 and $1,000 for a first offence (plus costs) and a fine of between $600 and $2,000 for each subsequent offence

The act of making, causing, producing or permitting excessive noise that disturbs the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment or comfort of the neighbourhood is considered to be a nuisance in the Town of Hampstead, according to By-law 795 Concerning Nuisances (and its amendments)

Vehicle: prevention tips (provided by the SPVM in FR only)

Home: Although uncommon, Hampstead has experienced attempted thefts or thefts resulting in property losses. The Town urges residents to be vigilant and to adopt precautions such as:

  • Leave outside lights on during the night
  • Contact Public Security to advise us of your vacation absence
  • Don’t announce your vacation or trips on social media
  • Activate your home camera & alarm system
  • Use a timer for interior lights
  • Arrange for house checks by relatives or friends
  • Arrange for mail holding or forwarding
  • Always lock your windows and doors; even when you leave briefly, are outside on your property, or inside your home
  • Keep your valuables in a safe or lockbox when you go out
  • Do not keep large amounts of cash or valuables in the master bedroom; that is where the criminal will go look first
  • Change passcodes on electronic locks and garage doors from time to time
  • Keep your valuable items out of sight, ex. Expensive bicycles in an open garage
  • Install motion sensor lights, deadbolt locks and upgrade patio/sliding glass door locks
  • Trim shrubs and bushes to eliminate hiding spots, and never hide keys outside, as under a flowerpot
  • Always change the locks when you move into a new home, condo, or apartment or if your keys are lost or stolen
  • Always LOCK the CAR DOORS
  • If you live in an apartment or condo building, close the door behind you when entering or exiting the building. Report any security concerns, such as dim lighting around entrances or points of easy access, to your property manager

If you come home and notice your home has been broken into or sense suspicious activity on your property, don’t go in. Call Hampstead Public Security and Police 911 and wait for the authorities.

An updated INVENTORY List of your valuables and belongings (with photos) would help the police identify any recovered items. It will facilitate the insurance claim process for quicker results.

The Highway Safety Code obliges that any child measuring less than 63 cm must be correctly installed in a car seat. It is not their age, but their size in a seated position (from seat to top of head) that determines the need for a car seat. Each seat sold in Canada must have a label specifying that the manufacturer has conformed to these standards. Always read the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer before using a restraint system for the first time.

Hampstead car seat verification service

Hampstead’s Public Security department offers a free car seat verification service, upon request,  to ensure that the seat is properly installed and meets all safety requirements. Book an appointment online.

For more information on car seats:

Safety in the Car -Transport Canada

Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations – Transport Canada

Children’s Car Seats

Permanent Provincial verification network

The smoke alarm stands as the most effective means of alerting individuals in the event of a fire. Legislation pertaining to fire safety risks mandates its installation.

It is imperative to equip your premises with a smoke alarm featuring a non-removable lithium battery boasting a lifespan of 10 years. The occupant of the residence bears the responsibility for its maintenance.

For further clarification, kindly refer to the Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal website.

Hampstead’s Public Security department offers its population a Burglar Alarm Response Service. Public Security requires the monitoring company to verify alarm signals before a request to dispatch an officer is forwarded to our service.

Upon verification, the call will be dispatched to a patrol officer at a high priority level. The situation will be handled as follows:

If all is in order, the monitoring company will be notified.

If foul play is suspected, 9-1-1 will be called to intervene, and the Public Security officer will remain on the scene until the arrival of a police unit.

False Alarm Policy

“False Alarms” are alarms caused by human error or equipment problems that require Public Security response with no evidence of criminal offence or attempted criminal offence.

Fines for False Alarms

Due to a growing number of false alarm calls, the Town adopted a by-law concerning home security alarms. Please ensure that your home security system is properly calibrated to avoid false alarms as

The following escalating fines will be imposed on property owners if false alarms are activated more than once during the calendar;

1st false alarm:  No fine

2nd false alarm:  $50.00

3rd false alarm:   $75.00

Any subsequent false alarms: $100.00

For further information, please contact Public Security at 514 369-8250 (24-hr dispatch).

Garages are thieves’ favored method of entering your home. To keep your house safe;

  • Close the door – This ensures that your belongings are not on display to passersby who may steal things in the blink of an eye, even while you’re home.
  • Lock it up – Remember to lock your door with a key or keypad locking system.
  • Bring it in – Bring your garage door remote into the house. This is easier by investing in one that can be put on your keychain. Leaving it in the car close to your home facilitates burglars’ access to your home.

Going away? – Disconnect your automatic garage door opener so that it cannot be opened while you’re away.

Rules and Regulations

In Hampstead, pool safety is governed by By-law 1001-2 (Zoning By-law, Chapter 6, concerning swimming pools) and its amendments, as well as the Quebec Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act , RSQ, c S-3.1.02. Pool owners must abide by the following regulations:

Pools must;

  • NOT be directly accessible from your home or from any other open area on your property.
  • be enclosed by a safety barrier on all sides. It must be at least 1.2 m (4’ feet) high’’ and ‘’ be enclosed by a safety barrier on all sides. It must be at least 1.5 m (5’ feet) high.

Any property with a pool must have a perimeter fence at least 1.85 m (6 feet) high that prevents access from outside the property.

Hedges or shrubs do not constitute an appropriate safety or perimeter fence.

Any gate providing access to the pool area must use a self-latching, self-closing device on the inside of the enclosure.

The latch must be;

  • at least 1.3 m (4.3 feet) above the ground.
  • locked with a key or a padlock when the pool is not under the direct supervision of an adult entrusted by the owner of the pool to undertake such supervision.

The filtration system or other similar pool equipment must be installed at least 1 m (3.3 feet) from the pool enclosure, so that children cannot use it as a step to get over the fence.

Each spring, Hampstead’s Public Security department performs verifications of all pool gates and fences to ensure that they properly close, latch and are equipped with a proper lock. This helps make sure that gates and fences are in good repair. Should they be deemed in poor condition, Public Security will provide a written warning to the pool owner with a requirement that changes be made within 48 hours. Pool owners who have not made the required repairs within that time frame are liable to fines beginning at $500.

  • Park your vehicle in a well-lit area
  • Always lock the doors and close the windows, even if you leave your vehicle for just a few moments; i.e. to pay at a gas station
  • Do not leave your keys with people you don’t know (valet, parking employee, etc.)
  • Engrave ID into the windows and major parts of your vehicle
  • To prevent theft at your residence, do not leave any documents with your address in your vehicle
  • Use an anti-theft immobilizer, a steering wheel lock, an alarm system or a tracking system.
  • Never leave your vehicle unattended while the engine is running, even just for a few minutes. 

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