Snow Removal Operations

Snow removal operations in Hampstead, including snow blowing, clearing, and salt and abrasive spreading, are conducted from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m, clearing a linear area of 29 kilometres of roads and 58 kilometres of sidewalks. However, in cases of urgent necessity, clearing may occur outside of these specified hours.

Clearing snow onto lawns requires 2 to 4 days when snow accumulation on the roadway exceeds 10 cm. Consecutive storms may cause delays in the operations and motorists’ cooperation is vital for safe snow removal.

According to By-law 813 and By-law 785, Town employees may deposit snow on private land or the street.

General information

Snow removal operations force us to move snow from the street to the lawns and curbs to allow traffic to flow safely. This may cause snow to accumulate in front of all private entrances and accesses to garages. The Town will follow up by removing these snow banks during the subsequent snow-removal operation.  However, each resident is responsible for clearing their driveways of snow and ensuring their driveway access if the path is obstructed.

Hampstead reminds snowblower users and contractors: depositing snow on sidewalks or streets violates By-law 813 Section 4.

The Town of Hampstead emphasizes the importance of proper garbage and recycling bin placement throughout the year. However, during the winter months, special attention to these guidelines becomes paramount to ensure the effectiveness of our snow removal operations.

Residents are asked to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Placement in your driveway: Residents are required to place their garbage and recycling bins within the confines of their driveway, maintaining accessibility for snow removal equipment.

  • Before the sidewalk: Place bins just before the sidewalk to prevent obstruction of pedestrian pathways, facilitating efficient snow removal along the entire length of the sidewalk.

Public Security patrols will monitor adherence to these guidelines, promoting compliance for the efficiency and safety of snow removal crews.

When clearing snow, sidewalks should not be obstructed. It is essential to ensure that a safe path is cleared for the Town’s equipment. A Public Security officer will issue a ticket for those obstructing snow removal operations.

Residents are also asked to be on the lookout, as vehicles impeding snow removal operations will be towed during heavy snowfalls. If your car is towed, please contact the Public Security Department at 514-369-8250.

Any problem observed in connection with snow removal operations that requires an intervention by public works to correct the situation must be reported via the citizen portal.

However, if a Town department cannot correct the intervention, you are invited to file a claim with the Town clerk.

*The resident will need to provide the information surrounding the incident, the date, time as well as the damages and, if possible, an estimate of the amount of the damages.  The claim to the Town must be sent within 15 days of the event, in conformity with Articles 585 and following of the Cities and Towns’ Act. Do not forget to include your name, address and phone numbers where you can be reached.

Any work undertaken without our prior permission would not be reimbursed.