As was announced in previous updates, BOIL WATER ALERT (BWA) – Sequence of events & Status Update as of 21 December 2022 – Hampstead, the Town’s Boil Water Alert was precipitated by the positive test results (E Coli) of two particular homes located in separate ends of the Town.

Additional, comprehensive tests were ordered upon receiving the data. These tests covered a wide spectrum of organic elements and possible contaminants.

The results were received late yesterday and, they showed that there are NO BACTERIAL CONTAMINATION in the water samples of these two homes.

Although Provincial Rules require the negative results of 16 other tests, i am confidently hopeful that these results will prove that the Town’s water supply is safe and at a high quality.

However, please continue to boil your water as we do not wish to take any chances, no matter how small, for anyone to be sick in this time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding

Richard Sun, Director General, Town of Hampstead