Privately-Owned Ash Trees

The Emerald ash borer infestation was first detected in Hampstead in 2012. Since then, the Town has closely monitored the state of its trees, every year felling the most heavily-infected town-owned trees lest they become dangerous, and replanting a variety of new trees to replace them.

By now, the ash tree(s) on your property may be showing signs of infestation. Tree decline includes:

  • Diminished density of leaves
  • Long shoots growing from the trunk or branches
  • Vertical cracks in the trunk
  • Small D-shaped emergence holes
  • S-shaped tunnels under the bark filled with fine sawdust.
  • Dead and falling branches

If your tree(s) is showing signs of decline, it is time to consider your options. Treatment options include TreeAzin injections or removal. For assistance, the Town recommends that you consult with an arboriculturist, who can recommend if it should be treated, or if the best option is to remove it.

The federally approved period to cut ash trees is October 1 – March 31. However the Town recommends that trees be felled before winter to reduce chances of fallen branches.

Some of our residents have grouped together to hire an arboriculturist to fell several trees at a time. Coordinating with your neighbors is an option that could reduce costs.

In the event that you need to remove a tree(s) on your property a Tree Removal Permit is required prior to felling the tree(s). In order to assist you, permit fees have been waived for the felling of an ash tree(s).  For a permit application form, please refer to the Tree Removal Permit page on or call Hampstead’s Urban Planning Department at 514 369-8200, ext. 6438.