Recycling Collection

Tuesdays from 7:00 AM
Unless otherwise announced by the Town

The collection of recyclable materials like glass, plastic, metal and paper takes place once a week, on Tuesdays in Hampstead. The recyclable material must be taken out for 7:00 AM on collection day using the blue bin provided by the Town. All material must be placed inside the bin; materials left on top or beside your recycling bin will not be collected.

Materials collected

Paper and cardboard
Newspapers, aluminium foil, circulars, magazines, phone books, packing cardboard, boxes, milk, juice and egg cartons. Excluding: Polystyrene, diapers, wax paper, cellophane, soiled pizza boxes, paper towels, tissue paper, etc.

Plastic bags, bottles and rigid containers only. Excluding: Clear cake wrappers, brown cookie dividers, records, cassette and compact disc cases, toys, pool liners, computer parts.

Tin cans, aluminium plates and beverage cans, coat hangers. Excluding: Pipes, bicycles, fans, pots, large items, spray cans, not completely empty paint or solvent containers, etc.

Bottles and glass jars. Excluding: Porcelain, ceramics, clay, windowpane, mirrors, light bulbs.

Clothing Donation and Recycling

The Town of Hampstead does not collect clothes, but provides the possibility to an organization to collect the clothing on its territory from citizens wishing to contribute to worthy cause. While clothing collection bins are no longer available in Hampstead, should you wish to donate gently-used clothing to those who are less fortunate, please use the bins located at the corner of Queen Mary Road and Coolbrook Avenue in the Snowdon area, or at the Côte Saint-Luc Shopping Centre.