Director General

Message from Director General Richard Sun

Dear website user:

On behalf of the Town administration, I welcome you to Hampstead's official website. This site, and all of the information contained within, is our key client service tool in cyberspace, and we take great pride in ensuring that it is as current and pertinent as possible.

As the sole service provider in a town or region, municipal client services sometimes lack the competitive motivation to innovate or excel. Such a lackluster approach to client services has come under close scrutiny by the general population who, under ever-increasing tax burdens, is adamant in demanding quality services from their municipality.

We in Hampstead work to break this "culture" of indifference, and want to make a real difference in the betterment of the community. The Council and administration of Hampstead advocate quality municipal service that is provided with equity, integrity, and transparency, and delivered in a timely manner in response to the specific needs of the population.

We seek to understand the needs of the residents by opening all communication channels and by actively listening to complaints and comments. Our phone calls are answered personally, not by an automated system. We also respond quickly to face-to-face contacts, letters, faxes, tweets and emails.

But it goes beyond that. Quality municipal services must be a part of every contact with the community, whether it is from a Public Security Officer on patrol, a Public Works employee planting flowers, or a lifeguard on the pool deck. We believe that every contact with our residents, formal or otherwise, is an opportunity for us to shine. We want to empower our employees so that they will be better placed to resolve any complaint swiftly. We wish to build an efficient process with good feedback and effective follow-through to ensure that we constantly improve.

The advantage of being a small municipality is that we can handle each case in a personalized manner in order to find the best solution. The Town takes great care in selecting the best employees with the proper attitude to fill the client service positions. Employees take their cue from management and from the elected officials. Respect, courtesy, trust, and encouragement improve workers' morale, and in turn, enhance quality of service they provide to the public.

In order to bring quality municipal service to Hampstead and to maintain it over time, the administration works closely with the Town's elected officials to establish the necessary service standards and protocols. Our employees are entrusted with the freedom to execute their tasks and to deliver quality service consistently and effectively. Properly measuring success and practical benchmarking also ensures that quality municipal service remains a constant value in the Hampstead way of life. In Hampstead, we set the bar very high and strive to deliver the excellent level of service residents have come to expect.

Should you have comments or questions about our services, do not hesitate to contact us. Follow this link to learn how. You can also drop in to any of our municipal buildings during regular office hours; we would be happy to assist you.

Yours in service,

Richard Sun
Director General


Laurie Kezas - Division Chief, Communications 
Brinda Vardin - Executive Assistant