Water Tax per Consumption

The Town of Hampstead endorses the use of water meters which allows for an equitable charge as it represents the actual (and personalized) services which have been received. A tariff is imposed and levied on any immovable entered on the property assessment roll for water consumed as measured by meter. The rates are per the schedule below.

 Water consumption per imperial gallon




Rate per 1000G  


35 000



35 001

175 000



175 001

245 000



245 001




The water tax bill is usually mailed out around the beginning of November (Note: the date may vary depending on the time required to obtain and analyze the meter readings).

Once a year, typically mid-August to end-September, an outside firm is contracted to visit Hampstead’s properties (employees will always wear photo I.D.) in order to obtain as many actual readings as possible. When their initial visit proves unsuccessful, response cards are left and a second visit is made at a different time of day in order to maximize positive results. Should these efforts still not yield the desired reading, another calling card with Hampstead’s coordinates is left in the mailbox. We encourage all residents to ensure that an actual reading be taken for purposes of accuracy in billing.

Should an actual reading not be available (or if any meter is found to be dysfunctional or broken), an estimate based on the historical average consumption of your property is calculated. However, if that same water consumption history proves unreliable, an estimate is calculated per the average consumption of the same building category.

Please note that, with respect to property transfers, the water tax bill is by law payable by the current owner even though the consumption may go back to the previous year’s reading. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you ensure with your notary that an adjustment calculation for water consumption has been made up to the sale date (n.b. Your notary should already have contacted us for this information).

Should circumstances occur where a water meter breaks due to water freezing inside of it and needs to be replaced, a charge based on the meter’s diameter is invoiced. It should be noted that since all water meters are installed inside a (heated) property, a meter should normally not freeze.