We share the grief of the Kamloops families

We are all shocked by the discovery of the remains of 215 children in Kamloops. We are saddened and share the grief of the families who were deprived of their children in this horrific way. However, it would be false to say we are surprised.

We were unaware of the passing of these children, but we knew that these schools had cemeteries instead of playgrounds. We knew that seven generations of children have been stripped of the love of their families and lost their identity. We knew that this was done with a plan that was carried out for a century without hindrance. 

We owe it to the memory of these children to listen carefully to what their community has to say, however much it disturbs and upsets us. But let us not stop at just words. Political decisions must be taken to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again to any child, to any group of people. We must build the future with justice and respect for the human rights of all those who live in this land.

William Steinberg
Mayor, Town of Hampstead