Code of Ethics for Elected Officials

In June of 2010, Hampstead became one of the first municipalities in Quebec to adopt a code of ethics for members of council. Subsequently in December, the Quebec government passed Bill 109, which requires all municipalities in the province to adopt such a code. Bill 109 contains specific items that must be in the code and Hampstead has included all of these minimum requirements in the new Hampstead Code of Ethics.

However, the Hampstead Code goes well beyond the minimum requirements. The code includes prohibitions against immediate family members being hired by the Town. It also does not allow them to have a direct supplier relationship with the Town. While Bill 109 permits gifts of up to $200 in some circumstances, Hampstead’s code limits the maximum to $40. It also has additional rules about confidentiality. Basically, this new code includes everything from the old version and adds it to the items required by Bill 109 to make the new code.

You may download here Hampstead Council’s new and revised Code of Ethics.