Strategic Plan


Hampstead is a beautiful town and one of the most desirable areas in which to live on the Island of Montreal.

Reasons why people like to live in Hampstead

  • One of closest suburbs to Montreal.
  • 100% residential, with easy access to stores just outside the borders of the Town.
  • Green and attractive with many parks and beautiful homes in a variety of styles.
  • Excellent core services (snow removal, maintenance of public green spaces, etc.).
  • Safe - low crime rate and few accidents.
  • Quality programs, events, and facilities.
  • Fiscally responsible with low or moderate tax increases.
  • Improving infrastructure - smooth roads and well maintained sewers and water mains since 2006.

Goal/Mission Statement

Make Hampstead the most attractive and welcoming town on the Island of Montreal.


Local tax increases should be kept at, or close to the rate of inflation.

Excessive tax increases are not well received by residents. Therefore, adhering to the budget and not taking on too much debt is important, even if it means accomplishing our goals at a slower rate.


  • Try to keep the accumulated surplus at about 8-10% of the local operating budget.
  • Borrow for long life assets, with the life of the asset matched to the length of the loan.  Borrowing term should not be longer than the life of the capital asset.
  • Leverage grant opportunities for projects that we wish to undertake.
  • Charge users the full cost of what they consume; BUT recognize that residents expect certain services to be provided as part of the general tax revenue.
  • Optimize the level and quality of services at little or no additional cost to the local operating budget.

Maximize our attractiveness to families

Families are the lifeblood of a community and all towns compete for them. We strive to provide top quality and value in the programs that we undertake and the facilities that we offer.


  • Develop many quality events targeting all ages, especially young families.
  • Develop and maintain excellent recreational facilities.
  • Offer excellent sport and other programs.

Provide first class service

This is an area where residents expect the Town of Hampstead to shine.


  • Invest in the development of staff by:
  1. Hiring the most qualified people to fill each position.
  2. Developing employees to reach their maximum potential.
  3. Creating succession plans as back-up for employee turnover.
  4. Dealing with employees who do not perform to set expectations.
  5. Maintain and optimize snow removal efficiency and park/green space maintenance.
  6. Ensure that front line responsiveness is carried out in a courteous and efficient manner.
  7. Ensure a well functioning complaint/response management system.
  8. Develop and execute a coordinated communications strategy.


Provide for a healthy and safe environment for all town residents and employees


  • Maximize the effectiveness of our Public Security resources.
  • Implement traffic calming measures.
  • Maintain emergency measure plans.

Be environmentally responsible


  • Encourage recycling, green, and hazardous waste collection, in order to reduce the amount of garbage collected.
  • Promote responsible water usage.
  • Educate residents on how to be environmentally responsible.
  • Reduce the Town's greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Move towards a paperless office for efficiency as well as to be Green.

Repair and maintain our infrastructure


  • Maintain an inventory of each of our asset classes and their condition (rolling stock, roads, sidewalks, water mains, sewers, street lights, pathways, parks, green spaces, trees, & municipal facilities) and set priorities for improvements.
  • Develop cost estimates to bring each asset class up to quality standards and to maintain the asset class at that level.
  • Leverage grant opportunities and sponsorship funding.
  • Debt service levels should be kept between 10-15% of the local operating budget, with the exact level being a function of current interest rates and expected future rates, matching grant opportunities and expected tax rates.
  • Establish priority levels for projects annually. Undertake projects in accordance with the priority levels.


Maintain the attractive look of the town.

The look of the town is part of what adds to the value of our properties and the desirability of the town.


  • Bring urban planning by-laws up to date and apply them.
  • Improve the beautification of our public spaces.


This document has outlined where the Town Council wishes to take Hampstead over the next several years. It will be updated as often as necessary, but at the very least every time a new council is elected. Council is also open to input from residents and all comments and suggestions will be seriously considered.