Request for Architectural Plan copies

The “Request for copies of Architectural plans form” must be completed in order to obtain copies of plans kept in
the Town of Hampstead’s Urban Planning Archives.

Please complete, sign, date and return the Request for copies of Architectural plans form to Town Hall.
A payment of $75.00 dollars is required before the plans are sent out to be printed.

Note that, the “Authorization from owner (Proxy)” section of the form must be filled and signed by the owner,
should the request for plan copies be made by someone other than the owner of the property.

You will be contacted when the plan copies are received.

***Please note that due to social distancing measures, documents must be sent via email at Numerized plan copies sent via email. Payments by credit card, via secure email. For more information on possibility of other means of payment please call 514-369-8200, ext. 6438*** 


Office Hours:

Town Hall
5569 Queen Mary Road
Hampstead, QC  H3X 1W5

Monday – Friday
8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

514-369-8200, ext. 6438