Dog Regulations

Hampstead’s By-law 761 pertains to dogs and the licensing of dogs.

Town Council adopted By-law 761 relating to dogs with the goal of improving residents’ satisfaction.  to provide more flexibility but, at the same time, it requires more responsibility from dog owners.

We would like to point out that the By-law allows dog owners to walk with their dogs along the walkways in all of our public parks, with the exception of Aumont Park. This policy allows dog owners access to areas that were prohibited in the past. However, Town officials will be vigilant regarding the obligation of dog owners to keep the parks clean, and have consequently increased the fines for those who do not comply with the rules relating to the cleaning up after their dogs.

Dogs are now permitted in parks
(on walkways only):

It is important to specify that dogs are not allowed in areas of the parks other than the walkways. The exception being Aumont Park, where dogs are prohibited at all times. Dogs may be on the grass beside a walkway as long as the owner is on the walkway. However, owners are permitted and expected to leave the walkway in order to clean up after his/her dog. In no circumstances are dogs permitted in children’s playground areas.

Dogs must always be on a leash:
The maximum length of a leash is 12 feet.

Dog owners must clean up immediately after their dogs, by appropriate means:

The success of council’s flexibility and consideration to allow walking dogs in the parks will depend on the responsibility of dog owners to respect the rules. Dog owners are obligated by law to pick-up fecal matter left by their pet, and to throw it out in garbage bins or take it home for disposal. Public Security officers will exercise rigorous enforcement.

License fees:

Dog licenses must be renewed at the beginning of every year and is valid for the calendar year.
Dog License fees are as follows, and are subject to change:




Sterilized dogs

$ 30


Non-sterilized dogs



Loss of electronic key



Loss of dog tag




Dangerous dogs:

By adopting this By-law, the Town has introduced more rigorous corrective measures towards dogs that could be considered dangerous. Further details on this subject are available in the By-law and may be consulted at Town Hall or in the link provided below.


Dog owners are obligated by law to clean up their dog’s fecal matter. Anyone who neglects to clean up after their dog is liable to a fine of $300 for the first offence and $500 for a second offence. To view By-law 761-3 Concerning Dogs, please click the link.

For further information, please call Town Hall at 514 369-8200 or the Irving L. Adessky Community Centre at 514 369-8200, ext. 8260.