Garage Door Security Tips

Did you know that garages are one of the easiest targets and a favourite method for thieves to gain entry into your home?

Most people are very careful to ensure that their doors are locked before leaving the house, but did you know that garage doors are often left unlocked, and in some cases, are left wide open? Whether by accident or due to carelessness, an open garage door is a sure-fire way to attract thieves to your home. Before you leave the house:

  • Close the door – Leaving the garage door open allows anyone walking or driving by a full view of all your belongings. A burglar only needs a few minutes to take what he wants from your garage – even while you’re at home.
  • Lock it up – Ensure that your garage door is securely locked by using a key or keypad locking system.
  • Bring it in – Bring your garage door remote into the house. Leaving it in the car, parked on the street, in your driveway or in the garage, allows burglars easy access to your home.
  • Buy a keychain remote – Instead of leaving your remote clipped to your visor, invest in one that you can put on your keychain.
  • Going away? – Be sure to disconnect your automatic garage door opener so that it cannot be opened while you’re away.

By following these helpful tips, you can help prevent an unsettling surprise when you return home.

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