Requesting a Traffic Review

Should you have concerns about speeding or other traffic problems on your street, you can request a traffic review by the Town. A traffic review analyses the situation on your street to determine if traffic calming is necessary, and of so, which specific measures would be the most appropriate. All traffic calming requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

In order to request a traffic review, please contact the Town by following the information below:

  • By mail:
    Traffic Review Request
    Public Security Department
    Town of Hampstead
    5569 Queen Mary Road
    Hampstead QC  H3X 1W5
  • By email:
  • By telephone: 514 369-8200

A traffic review consists of two steps:

  1. Analysis of vehicle speeds: Using unobtrusive tracking plates on the street surface, traffic speeds are measured for a complete week (7 days). Should 15% of drivers exceed the speed limit by 12 km/hr, a traffic calming measure is considered.
  2. Determination of appropriate calming measure: the Town determines the appropriate traffic calming measure by taking into account the length of the block, considerations by public transit and emergency services and the presence of existing municipal and private infrastructure (manhole covers, storm drains, driveways, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I just request a speed hump?
No. Installation of a speed hump is a significant investment by the Town, and therefore all installations must conform to strict criteria. In some cases, speed humps cannot be installed because of driveways, storm drains, manhole covers or other municipal infrastructure. In other cases, speed humps are not the best solution because of the layout of the street. The Town uses all information at its disposal to determine what traffic calming measure is the most appropriate.

There is a speed hump on my street, but I don't think it's necessary. Can it be removed?
The effectiveness of speed humps is analysed each year, and in rare cases, they are adjusted or removed entirely. Please contact us with your comments.

When will new speed humps be installed?
New speed humps are typically installed once a year in the spring or early summer. Several speed humps are installed at the same time to reduce costs.