Swimming Pool

Hampstead pool and Wading Pool are open for Hampstead Residents only. Proof of residency is required prior to reserving.
Reservations are made by calling:  514-369-8200 x 3
Mon-Thursday 8:30-8pm, Fridays 8:30-16:30 Sat and Sunday 10-2pm
Max of 4 /1 hour blocks a week (at first, may change)
The Cost is by membership only and paid on line at time of first reservations
Family: 115.00$
Adults 18+  60.00$
Senior60+   50.00$
Student (14-25 proof of schooling)  50.00$
Junior: 13yrs and under   25.00$
A child under 10 must be accompanied by an adult 18yrs or over.
In order to respect all government guidelines and keep everyone safe this summer, there a few new sanitary and safety measures set in place for all to follow.

Sanitary Measures

Maintain 2m of physical distancing at all times

Come in their swimwear to the pool
Sanitize their hands prior to entering the pool grounds
Follow the direction flow around the pool
Make a reservation and respect the time blocks
Take a shower prior to arrival at the pool; at home

Safety Measures

Patrons must make a reservation up to 24hours in advance by calling 514-369-8200 x 3

Reservations are for 50 mins. allowing for 10 min rotation time. Patrons may reserve 1 block per day
During lap swim only 2 people are permitted in a lane at a time
During Family Swim the max number of swimmers allowed per quadrant is 8 from the same household.
No face masks are allowed in the water
Lockers and Changing rooms are off limits.
Bathrooms are for emergency use only.
Must come to the pool in their swim attire.
Only lifejackets will be provided by the Town; no other equipment
Lounge chairs are off limits; however, patrons may bring their own folding chairs
Patrons must respect their reservation time and exit the pool when the lifeguard indicates time is up
Patrons will be assigned a zone on the grounds and must stay within their zone
Patrons will be assigned a lane and must remain in that lane
Patrons will be assigned a side in the wading pool and must remain on that side

Hampstead Pool

Open daily at 7:30 am
7:30 am to 9:30 senior lap swim
9:30 -10:30 and 10;30 to 11:30 2 family swim times
11:30-12:30 adult lane swim
12:30-19:30 Family swim
7:30pm to 8:30 pm for adult lane swim
A maximum of 2 swimmers in a lane at a time; Total capacity = 6 swimmers
Reservations are for 50 mins; allowing 10 minutes of rotation time
When reserving, patrons must inform the staff their swim level to ensure proper lane assignment (Slow, Medium, Fast) and quadrant placement for families
Patrons must always remain in their assigned lane or quadrant

Wading Pool/Splash Pad

Open daily from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

Reservations are for 50 minutes; allowing for 10 minutes of rotation time
Wading pool/Splash pad is divided into 2 sections – 1 family per side with a maximum of 5 people per family
Families must always remain on their assigned side
The above regulations may change as we enter different stages of deconfinement.